All sorts of magic began when Ariana Escalante and Jon Gluck met in the summer of 2015.  She, the on-camera personality, and he, the marketing expert, began sharing ideas on how to help businesses more effectively get their messages out and connect with their audiences in a more personal way.

Sharing this passion and hunger for creative solutions, Ariana and Jon focused in on the age-old promotional video. They imagined that the boring, stale promotional videos of yesterday could be reinvented into highly-engaging, on-trend videos that resonate with today's audience. Combining the latest marketing techniques with the revolutionary "influencer-style" filming, a new style of promotional video was created. In the spring of 2018, Vydeo was born.

In addition to creating impactful on-trend promotional videos with their wonderful clients, Ariana and Jon enjoy road trips, sushi, community service, and the performing arts.